About me

About me
Enjoying the abundant snow in Niseko - reached via round trip first class to Japan via miles!

I’m Kung, a dedicated travel enthusiast who has funded my trips around the world with miles since 2009.  In that time, I’ve earned millions of points for myself, millions of points for friends and family as well, and redeemed millions of points for countless first-class flights to Asia, five star hotels, and more. 

I live in New York City, which I love for its vibrant culture as well as its status as possibly the travel hub for the world.  In my free time, I grow plants, bike around the city, drink scotch and port, snowboard, attempt to play the banjo, and foster kittens.  So far there haven’t been any foster fails!

With some frequent travel buddies - Graham's in Porto, Portugal - heaven for port lovers

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